Mold Testing in Jacinto, TX

Mold Testing Services in Jacinto, TX

Mold growth has the potential to ruin any property. It can present serious health hazards and also cause damage to the structure when not addressed immediately.

At Mold Testing Houston, we understand the dangers posed by mold growth. That is why we offer precise and reliable mold testing services. Our team of certified experts is equipped with cutting-edge technology and expertise to deliver accurate and dependable mold testing results. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including mold testing, mold inspection, clearance testing, and mold remediation protocol, to assist you in ensuring that your property is safe and free from mold growth.


Jacinto, Texas, has a humid subtropical climate. That means the summers are hot and humid while the winters are mild. The warm and humid climate in North Loop creates ideal conditions for mold growth, posing a common challenge for homeowners and businesses in the area. Mold thrives in warm and damp environments, and if left untreated, it can spread quickly. Elevated humidity levels, often due to water damage or moisture buildup, further enhance the environment for mold growth.


Mold Testing Houston provides comprehensive mold testing services. To identify and assess mold growth in your property. Utilizing the latest technology and techniques, our team delivers precise and reliable mold testing results. Our services include

Air Testing: We gather air samples from your property, sending them to a laboratory for analysis to detect the presence of mold spores in the air.

Surface Testing: Samples are collected from various surfaces in your property to determine the type and quantity of mold present.

Bulk Testing: We collect physical samples of mold growth, sending them to a laboratory for analysis to determine the type of mold and its concentration.



We have certified mold inspectors who perform comprehensive mold inspections to pinpoint the source of mold growth. Our inspectors will give you the necessary information for making informed decisions about your property. Employing state-of-the-art equipment such as moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, and air testing tools, we meticulously identify and evaluate mold growth in your property. Our inspection services include:

Visual Inspection: Our team will visually scrutinize your property to detect areas of mold growth and gauge the extent of damage.

Moisture Detection: Utilizing moisture meters, we detect areas of excess moisture that could foster mold growth.


After mold remediation, we perform clearance testing. This is to verify the successful removal of mold from your property. Our team conducts thorough air testing to confirm proper remediation and certify the safety and mold-free status of your property. Our clearance testing services are:

Air Testing: We gather air samples from your property to confirm the effective removal of mold and ensure that the air quality meets safety standards.


A mold remediation protocol is a comprehensive document that outlines the procedures and standards to follow during the mold remediation process. At Mold Testing Houston, our team of certified professionals crafts customized mold remediation protocols tailored to the specific needs of your property and the extent of mold growth in Jacinto, TX. We will collaborate closely with you to ensure that the remediation efforts are executed effectively and safely. The risk of further mold growth and potential health hazards associated with mold exposure is minimized. Our mold remediation protocol services include:

Assessment: Our team will assess the extent of the mold growth and devise a customized remediation plan tailored to your property’s specific needs.

Remediation: We carry out effective and safe mold remediation utilizing the latest equipment and techniques to eradicate mold growth from your property.

Post-Remediation Verification: We do comprehensive air testing to confirm the successful removal of mold and certify that your property is safe and free from mold growth.

At Mold Testing Houston, we recognize the importance of delivering fast, affordable, and dependable mold testing and remediation services in Jacinto, TX. Committed to providing personalized service, we strive to create tailored solutions that meet your specific requirements. Reach out to us today to schedule your appointment and safeguard your investment while establishing a safe and healthy living environment for you and your family. Our team is dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer service, innovative solutions, and a commitment to excellence in all aspects of our work. Trust us to ensure that your property in Jacinto, TX is safe and free from mold growth.


After completing mold remediation on your property, it’s crucial to conduct clearance testing to confirm the successful removal of mold. Mold Testing Houston offers comprehensive clearance testing services to provide peace of mind and ensure the health and safety of occupants in your building. Contact us today to discover more about our services or to schedule a clearance testing appointment.



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